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Relationships as a Private Love Factory

Metaphor of the week: relationship is such a small private factory for the production of love. But at this plant it is still necessary to establish production, set up machines and business processes so that all this colossus of two different dissimilar people of different degrees of complexity and brokenness could generate love.

The key problem is that if the process is not configured correctly, the plant starts to generate shit. And since love and shit are in closely interconnected vessels (at least the workers do everything with the same hands), the tank of love pretty soon turns into a tank of shit.

Another problem is that during downtime the plant produces “nothing”, instead of love, the same machines begin to produce non-love: ignore, emptiness and meaninglessness — separate toxic varieties of crap. The problem with these types of crap is their invisibility (Buddhists would call it ignorance about the causes of suffering), a person simply feels some shortage, shortage, vague longing, but there is nothing to complain about, everything is fine, nobody beats anyone. Still, both think that the problem is different, and there everything must be repaired simultaneously. Gradually it becomes nauseous and I want to step back even more — but you are at the factory, where you will get away from this submarine. Self-violence is added to the generated shit, someone else must be forced to go to work. And they work in melancholy until the level of crap in the tank rises to a level noticeable to the outside observer.

But this does not mean that it is necessary to beat — in violence there is such a strong concentrate of crap that the life-giving drink instantly turns into poison. Therefore, it is better less, but better (non-contact than destructive contact), but you have to consider that long non-contact is also destructive, because not being alive is not an option.

P.S. They asked: what metaphor suits people without a couple?

With or without a couple, it’s important to be able to remain a small private factory for the production of love. All the same about “machines” and business processes, only the “other” is the world.

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